Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Governor and Comptroller

Governor Pat Quinn and Comptroller & Governor candidate Dan Hynes (bottom photo) speak at the IDCCA Brunch.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chairman's Brunch

Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, and Senate President, John Cullerton (bottom photo) address a crowd of over 1300 at the Illinois Democrat County Chairman's Association Brunch held August 19, 2009 at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield.

Scenes from the Chairman's Brunch

Alan Pirtle, President of Illinois Democrat County Chairman's Association, introduces keynote speaker Iowa Governor Chet Culver (bottom photo) to a full house.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association (ILDCCA) is proud to announce that they have made endorsements in the Democratic primary for United State Senate, Attorney General and Secretary of State.

For United State Senate, the organization has voted to endorse current State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.

ILDCCA President Alan Pirtle stated, “We feel that Alexi Giannoulias has the vision, work ethic, and skill to help lead Illinois by serving in the United States Senate. He has shown tremendous commitment to the people of Illinois and their values such that he will serve all of Illinois in an effective and honorable way.”

“The Illinois Democratic County Chairmen Association represents the heart and soul of the Democratic party and Democratic values throughout the state,” Giannoulias said. “I truly appreciate their support and commitment to my campaign. I am committed to putting America on the right course by standing up to special interests and restoring opportunity to all Illinois residents after years of failed economic policies.”

For Attorney General, the organization has endorsed current Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

ILDCCA President Alan Pirtle stated, “We feel that Lisa Madigan has a proven track record of working effectively for the people of Illinois as Attorney General. Under her leadership, the Attorney General’s office has effectively and zealously prosecuted criminals, advocated for consumers, and helped protect those who are disadvantaged. She has served and will continue to serve the people of Illinois as an outstanding Attorney General.”

“I am honored to receive the support of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association,” said Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General. “The County Chairs represent people from every part of Illinois and see firsthand the struggles that families are facing today. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the coming years to help the people of Illinois and restore trust and integrity to Illinois government.”

In the race for Secretary of State, the ILDCCA has voted to endorse current Secretary of State Jesse White in his bid for a fourth term.

ILDCCA President Alan Pirtle stated, “Under his leadership, the Secretary of State’s office has implemented important innovations and technological advancements to make his offices more efficient and useful to citizens. We know that Secretary White and his staff will continue to work very hard to make his office the most efficient and effective office possible.”

“I'm honored to receive the support of this important organization. This endorsement is a crucial step in my quest for a fourth term as the Illinois Secretary of State,” Secretary White said. “I'm proud of my accomplishments and look forward to working with Democrats across the State and the people of Illinois to make state government work better for us all.”

The ILDCCA is a statewide grassroots Democratic organization whose membership consists of the Democratic county chairmen in Illinois’ counties.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Governor OKs increasing speed limit for trucks

A new law that Gov. Pat Quinn signed Friday will make it legal for trucks to travel along rural interstates at 65 mph, the same speed as other traffic.Existing law caps the speed limit for trucks at 55 mph. The change will take effect Jan. 1.For years, lawmakers have been pushing for the higher speed limit for trucks on rural interstates. Legislation reached Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s desk on three occasions, but he used his veto power each time to reject the idea. Lawmakers could not override his veto.Supporters of the proposal thought it might stand a better chance once Quinn became governor, so they sent him House Bill 3956. Until Friday, Quinn hadn’t indicated what he thought of the higher speed limit. Lawmakers and others who back the higher speed limit have said it would improve highway safety because all traffic would be moving at a consistent speed. The higher limit also would benefit the trucking industry because trucks could cover greater distances in a day, they said.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Democrat State Candidates!!!!!!

*Dan Hynes
*Pat Quinn
*Jack Franks

Lt. Governor
*Mike Boland
*Tom Castillo
*Scott Lee Cohen
*Justin Oberman
*Art Turner
*Terry Link

Attorney General
*Lisa Madigan

*Robin Kelly

*Raja Krishnamoorthi
*David Miller

Monday, August 10, 2009

Candidates at the Fair

Michelle Coady
candidate for Circuit Judge

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prize winners at our Fair Booth

Circuit Clerk Becky Jansen(right) presents Karen Klepzig her Gift Card

Winners of $50 Martin's IGA Gift Cards at our fair booth

Monday - Debra Lybarger
Tuesday - Angela Getz
Wednesday - Mary Higgs
Thursday - Janet Rich
Friday - Karen Klepzig

Prizes donated by

County Board Member - Larry Vahling
Circuit Clerk - Becky Jansen
County Treasurer - Steve Dasenbrock
States Attorney - Ed Deters
Public Defender - Lupita Thompson
Candidate for Circuit Judge - Mike McHaney
Candidate for Circuit Judge - Michelle Coady
County Board Member - Karen Luchtefeld

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Candidates at the Fair

Mike McHaney
candidate for Circuit Judge

Candidates at the Fair

Tim Dudley
candidate for State Senate in the 51 District

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Budget cuts

Highlights of budget cuts announced Friday by Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration. More detail on how state agencies fared can be found at http://budget.illinois.gov/:

* An estimated 2,552 layoffs, including more than 1,000 from the prison system.
* Twelve furlough days for all workers other than those on the front lines of government service.
* A $1.4 billion deficit remaining even after Quinn uses more than $3 billion in discretionary money to minimize cuts.
* Unpaid bills approaching $4 billion, bringing the total deficit to about $5.5 billion.
* A $225 million shortage in college scholarship funding.
* $600 million in cuts in both the Medicaid program and group health insurance program for state workers and retirees.
* Fewer inmates at state prisons, although the number to be released early was not announced. One small facility could be closed.
* $250 million cut from state grants, with details on the impact to many providers yet to come.
* Millions of dollars of cuts in funding for the court system, Illinois Arts Council, addiction treatment, adoption and other programs.
* $150 million restored in education cuts, mostly for early education, but a $145 million hole remains.

Democrat Elected Officials

  • Effingham County Board Distric G-Doug McCain
  • Effingham County Treasurer - Steve Dasenbrock
  • Effingham County Board District C - Karen Luchtefeld

Effingham County Democrats Officers

  • Chairman - Audrey Griffith
  • First Vice Chairman - Dan Niebrugge
  • Second Vice Chairman - Allen Wente
  • Secretary - James Hammer
  • Treasurer - Shirley McEvers