Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama"I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States. "

To Chairman Dean and my great friend Dick Durbin; and to all my fellow citizens of this great nation: With profound gratitude and great humility, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States.

Let me express my thanks to the historic slate of candidates who accompanied me on this journey, and especially the one who traveled the farthest - a champion for working Americans and an inspiration to my daughters and to yours -- Hillary Rodham Clinton. To President Clinton, who last night made the case for change as only he can make it; to Ted Kennedy, who embodies the spirit of service; and to the next Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, I thank you. I am grateful to finish this journey with one of the finest statesmen of our time, a man at ease with everyone from world leaders to the conductors on the Amtrak train he still takes home every night.
To the love of my life, our next First Lady, Michelle Obama, and to Sasha and Malia - I love you so much, and I'm so proud of all of you.

Blagojevich, Madigan hug. Next up, Cubs win World Series

DENVER - Bitter rivals House Speaker Michael Madigan and Gov. Rod Blagojevich hugged this morning before hundreds of cheering delegates after being egged on by a passionate plea from U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
"We don't have a lot of time to unite the Democratic party," Jackson said in unscripted remarks at the delegation's morning breakfast. "That which historically divides us cannot divide us if we want Barack Obama to be president of the United States. I'm not going to be satisfied until I see Rod Blagojevich give Michael Madigan a hug."

The prodding culminated a speech by Jackson in which he singled out his own rivals for a hug and offered an olive branch of unity going into the presidential election.
Jackson hugged U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, who has just recovered from cancer surgery.
The South Side congressman was then embraced by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, which brought him to tears at the podium in Denver. Jackson has frequently been mentioned as a potential challenger to Daley's reign over Chicago.
"I have been trying to get to know Mayor Daley for 14 years. I only see Mayor Daley at the conventions. And I only talk to him through the press," Jackson said. "I have been trying to get to know him, but that is what conventions are about."
But it was the hug between Madigan and Blagojevich that stole the show. Illinois delegates were on pins and needles upon the governor's arrival at the convention in Denver Tuesday.
Madigan and Daley had been preaching the call for unity so as not to embarrass Obama during his nomination.
Blagojevich addressed the delegates this morning before Jackson. He opened by describing how he and Madigan talked the day before at Daley's big reception. The two talked about sports and their families, he said.
"That is a good thing," he told delegates about the talk.
Madigan and Blagojevich have been at odds for years, trading barbs in the media and almost never talking personally. The division has led to record legislative gridlock in Springfield.
Blagojevich showed no signs today of backing off his push to get Madigan to support his public works and health care expansion plans. But he didn't personally attack Madigan as he has in the past.
Following the rousing speech by Jackson, Madigan declined to comment.
Senate President Emil Jones Jr. seemed skeptical.
"It all remains to be seen, you know," said the Blagojevich ally. "So I don't know whether it is genuine or not."
Following the speech, Jackson said his remarks about unity were unscripted and he didn't plan the hugging show.
"I had a moment," he said.
Blagojevich called his hug with Madigan genuine and said he hoped it lasted back in Illinois.

Courtesy of the Daily Herald

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scenes From The DNC

Sen. Barack Obama joins his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, at the podium Wednesday night after Biden delivered his speech accepting the vice presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

Alexi Giannoulias at DNC in Denver

Monday night was one of the proudest nights of my life - taking the stage at the Democratic National Convention to talk about my friend, my mentor and the next president of the United States - Barack Obama.

I spoke about Barack's leadership and how my career in public service would not have been possible without the example he set. Barack not only has inspired future leaders who have decided to give back and run for office but also an entire generation of young people to get involved in their communities.

The convention has been a great experience as Democrats have come together to promote Barack's message of change across the country.

Barack has inspired many of us. Now, as we head into the post-Labor Day stretch of the campaign, it's up to all of us to use that inspiration and make a difference to ensure Barack wins in November. To help, visit .


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama Picks Biden For VP

Barack Obama named Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice presidential running mate early Saturday, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

McCain, Obama talk before evangelicals
Appearances at Rick Warren's megachurch bring risks, rewards

Their comments came at a two-hour forum on faith hosted by the minister Rick Warren at his megachurch in Orange County, Calif. Obama joined Warren for the first hour, and McCain for the second. The two men briefly shook hands and hugged each other during the switch.
Warren asked both men the same questions. McCain said he did not see or hear Obama’s session, which might have given him an advantage.
Obama said America’s greatest moral failure is its insufficient help to the disadvantaged. He noted that the Bible quotes Jesus as saying “whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.” He said the maxim should apply to victims of poverty, sexism and racism.
McCain said the nation’s greatest moral shortcoming is its failure to “devote ourselves to causes greater than our self-interests.”

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Winners at the Effingham County
Democrats Fair Booth

Aug. 2 - Teresa White -$25 Gift Card
Donated by Leonard Waldhoff
County Board District A
American Flag
Donated by Kenneth Tipsword

Aug. 3 - Eldon Heiden -Cooler full of soft drinks
Donated by Karen Luchtefeld
Candidate for County Board in
District C

Aug. 4 - Angela Geltz -DVD Player
Donated by Ed Deters
States Attorney

Aug. 5 - Ruby Traub -$100 Fuel Card
Donated by Henry Kijonka
Candidate for State Senate

Aug. 6 - Kitty Wendling -$25 Gift Card
Donated by Leonard Waldhoff
County Board District A
Popcorn Tin
Donated by Julie and Randy Becker

Aug. 7 - Mike Poston -John Deere 7930 Pedal Tractor
Donated by Jason Warfel
Candidate for State Representative

Aug. 7 - Ron Overbeck -Illini Gift Set
Donated by Leigh Hammer

Aug. 8 - Phyllis Danks -2 Steak Dinners Altamont VFW
Donated by Greg Beccue
Candidate for County Board in
District G
$25 Gift Card
Donated by Leonard Waldhoff
County Board District A

Aug. 8 - Chloe Weatherman - Donkey PiƱata
Donated by Karen Luchtefeld
Candidate for County Board in
District C

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Democrats DWARF Republicans at State Fair

Chairmen and others: Thanks again for the wonderful turnout and brunch the Democratic County Chairmen’s Association had at the Crowne Plaza yesterday morning. The energy and enthusiasm there were phenomenal. You are to be commended. We could not have done it without you.

Please see the article on the link below. The Illinois Republican Party had their equivalent brunch/event this morning. Reportedly, they had 150 people there. Someone who was there said it was more like about 20 with the rest being disinterested people apparently there for the free food only.

I love the Republican Party Chairman’s explanation: they did not have to bus people in but we did. Actually, we bussed NO ONE in. Many counties brought their own buses, paid for by individuals or the counties themselves, just to attend our Democratic brunch.

The only thing that upsets me with this article is that the reporter made our numbers too low. We had 1,700 people when you include all the standing room only people.



IL Democratic County

Chairmen's Association,gop15web.article

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bush's Greatest Hits

Think About This

8 years of George Bush / 2 greedy oil men (Bush+Cheney) = $4.00 per gallon gas....More than a coincidence????

Fair Booth Winner


Mike Poston of Teutopolis, Illinois was the winner of the Jason Warfel for State Representative Pedal Tractor giveaway.
The giveaway was held on Thursday, August 7, during the Effingham Co. Fair at the Effingham Democrats Booth.
Nearly 1,000 individuals registered for the chance to win a John Deere 7930 or International Harvester 1206 pedal tractor. The winner Mike Poston selected the John Deere 7930.
The pedal tractors were donated by Jason Warfel, Democratic candidate for State Representative--108th Legislative District.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Royalty Visits Our Fair Booth

Fair Booth Winner

Elden Heiden of Altamont, was the winner of a cooler full of soft drinks donated by Karen Luchtefeld, candidate for County Board in District C. Shown on the left is Karen Luchtefeld prestenting the cooler to Elden's wife Janet Heiden.

Fair Booth Winner

Ruby Traub, winner of a $100 Gas Card donated by Henry Kijonka,
candidate for State Senate.

Fair Booth Winner

Kitty Wendling, winner of a $25 Gift Card donated by Leonard Waldhoff
and a popcorn tin donated by Randy and Julie Becker.

Fair Booth Winner

Teresa White of Altamont, winner of a $25 Gift Card donated by Leonard Waldhoff, candidate for County Board in District A and American Flag donated by Kenneth Tipsword.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fair Booth Winner

Phyllis Danks of Mason, winner of 2 steak dinners at the Altamont VFW
donated by Greg Beccue, candidate for County Board in District G and
$25 Gift Card donated by Leonard Waldhoff, candidate for County Board in District A.

Democrat Elected Officials

  • Effingham County Board Distric G-Doug McCain
  • Effingham County Treasurer - Steve Dasenbrock
  • Effingham County Board District C - Karen Luchtefeld

Effingham County Democrats Officers

  • Chairman - Audrey Griffith
  • First Vice Chairman - Dan Niebrugge
  • Second Vice Chairman - Allen Wente
  • Secretary - James Hammer
  • Treasurer - Shirley McEvers