Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hynes Campaign Delivers Series of Calendars, Reminds Quinn It's 2009

Concerned that Governor Pat Quinn has lost track of time and is unaware that this is 2009, a year in which the only constant to his budget priorities has been to push for an income tax increase of 50 percent, the Dan Hynes for Governor campaign today sent the Governor a dozen 2009 wall calendars. The action was sparked by Quinn’s response to a Hynes campaign advertisement, in which he defended his unpopular move to raise taxes on middle class families by referencing his history of advocating a progressive tax prior to becoming Governor.
“We want to make sure Pat Quinn knows it’s the year 2009, and that he is in fact Governor,” Hynes communications director Matt McGrath said. “We appreciate his nostalgia for simpler times, before he actually had the position and authority to effect change, but the fact remains his only constant position as Governor has been to push for a 50 percent income tax increase.”

Quinn’s campaign spokeswoman Elizabeth Austin responded by pointing out lawmakers have opposed Hynes’ plan in the past. She called Hynes’ calender bit a “stunt.”

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