Friday, May 8, 2009

Madigan proposes firing Ryan, Blagojevich appointees

Saying Gov. Pat Quinn must move quicker to “fumigate” state government, House Speaker Michael Madigan proposed legislation Thursday that could oust 3,000 state workers and board members from their positions within two months.
At a rare Statehouse news conference, Madigan said his plan would clear out anyone appointed to a state board or commission or hired into a Rutan-exempt, at-will job by former governors George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich. It would be up to Quinn to review the job performance of all 3,000 people within a 60-day period and determine if they should be allowed to keep their jobs or should be fired. After 60 days, anyone not kept on would automatically be out of work.
Madigan insisted he is simply trying to help Quinn, who early in his administration said state government needed to be fumigated.
“From the very beginning, my advice was to fumigate the government, get the Ryan and Blagojevich people out of there,” Madigan said. “I’m not satisfied with the pace of change. I think we have to move faster and we have to move more dramatically.”
Madigan said it was the General Assembly that ousted Blagojevich and allowed Quinn to become governor, so it’s reasonable that the General Assembly should be involved with executive branch operations.
Under Madigan’s plan, once House Bill 4450 is passed and signed into law, the 60-day clock will start ticking for Quinn to review the performances of the targeted state workers and board appointees.

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