Thursday, October 17, 2013

Berger Announces Run Against Incumbent Cavalletto

Dr. Josh Berger
Dr. Josh Berger announces candidacy for State Representative
Dr. Josh Berger announced his candidacy for State Representative in the 107th district. In a post online last week he stated, “I am announcing today that I will be seeking the position of State Representative in the 107th district in Illinois. With this announcement, I will also be launching and a Facebook profile page that will contain a calendar highlighting all of the local and regional meetings that I will be attending.
Additionally, I will include a synthesis of concerns that define the areas of major improvement that we, as a community, can work toward improving. After attending democrat, republican, and tea party events, I have come to see that we are not all that different and recognize that a strong bi-partisan effort is necessary to bring help where it's needed — to the people of South Central Illinois. In fact, ninety percent of the items most people have addressed as a concern cross all political party lines.
I ask for not only your support, but YOUR voice. The people of southern Illinois need a strong and informed voice in the State of Illinois legislature. We should not be relegated to filling the pockets of Chicago lobbyists just to receive the scraps that the state decides to throw our way from time to time. I believe that by working together we can see our area turn the page on complacency, and return to prosperity.” Dr. Berger also stated his priority is to listen closely to the citizens of the 107th District . 

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