Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chicago Endorsement

9-11-09 Chicago Tribune

Cook County Democratic power brokers today endorsed Gov. Pat Quinn in his primary race with state Comptroller Dan Hynes.
The decision today came hours after Quinn appealed for the party leaders' backing, even though he had previously sought a provision in state law to prevent the Illinois Democratic Party from endorsing anyone in the governor's race.
“I am happy to receive today’s endorsement of my candidacy," Quinn said in a statement after the vote. "As I told the committee members this morning, I have spent the last seven months doing what I have been doing for the past three decades – standing up for the people of Illinois."
Hynes also appeared before county slatemakers at the Hotel Allegro but asked them to refrain from endorsing anyone in the Feb. 2 primary for governor. He went so far as to say he would decline the endorsement if he got it, a move that might have influenced the outcome.
The back-to-back appearances featured political flip-flops from both men.

Hynes is the the heir to the longtime 19th Ward political family headed by his father, former county assessor and Senate president Tom Hynes. While he has sought the backing of county Democrats in previous years, today Dan Hynes asked them to refrain from making any endorsement in the governor's race for the Feb. 2 primary.
It's not uncommon for someone challenging an incumbent to try to persuade political powerbrokers to at least remain neutral in a primary fight. "If we as a party do not change the way we select candidates for higher office, we reduce our chances of winning. This is especially true given what our state and our party have been through over the last year," Hynes said. "The voters of Illinois are looking for us to set a new standard for our party. They're counting on us that the Democratic Party stands for openness and transparency." Hynes said he was still asking for the support of individual committeemen. Quinn, the former lieutenant governor who was elevated to the state's top job following the ouster of disgraced former Gov. Rod Blagojevich in January, appeared after Hynes before county slatemakers and said, "You just heard from somebody who wants to be governor of Illinois. I am the governor of Illinois." But Quinn offered little explanation to reporters why he sought the Cook County Democrats' endorsement when he had also pushed a provision to ban the state Democratic Party from making primary endorsements. He was repeatedly asked to reconcile his position on the state party with that of his position on the county party organization. "I think it's important to go before any organization, political or non-political, tell them where you stand on issues and ask for their support," Quinn said. "All politics is local. People in their own communities want to evaluate the candidates" Asked by reporters whether he still supported a ban in state law on state Democratic Party endorsements before a primary, Quinn said he did. But he also said he had been told by the state's Democratic chairman, House Speaker Michael Madigan of Chicago, that there were no plans to endorse in the race. Quinn has come under criticism from Hynes and some other Democrats for a lack of consistency on his positions. But Quinn said he was not being inconsistent in seeking county slating. "I'll tell you what the flip flop is. My friend the comptroller has been coming before the Cook County Democratic Party and other Democratic parties since he started running for office. He always asked for their support," Quinn said of Hynes.
In perhaps the trickiest decision of the day, county slatemakers snubbed Cook County Board President Todd Stroger by declining to endorse his bid for re-election against four challengers. The committeemen instead voted for an open primary with no endorsement for that race.

Democrat Elected Officials

  • Effingham County Board Distric G-Doug McCain
  • Effingham County Treasurer - Steve Dasenbrock
  • Effingham County Board District C - Karen Luchtefeld

Effingham County Democrats Officers

  • Chairman - Audrey Griffith
  • First Vice Chairman - Dan Niebrugge
  • Second Vice Chairman - Allen Wente
  • Secretary - James Hammer
  • Treasurer - Shirley McEvers